Juice? As in, from an actual fruit?

Rarely do we have time in this busy world to squeeze our own apples, oranges, or cranberries – unless of course it’s for a cocktail.

The other night, I was watching “Chuck’s Day Off” – which is an excellent cooking show on the Cooking Channel– and I was pretty excited his latest concoction. As a liquid starter to the meal he was planning to serve his guest, Chuck whipped up a delicious Tequila Lemonade made with fresh mint, lemons, and vanilla bean. Oh, and lots of tequila.

Anyways, Chuck went about his drink making when EUREKA! I realized just how easy it was to make, among many other things, fresh, delicious, and homemade cocktails sin nasty synthentic syrups. I felt like a wee bit of a dunce for not thinking to do this before on my own.

I’m going to try out his Tequila Lemonade recipe this weekend – I’ll let you know how it is, but with fresh squeezed lemons, mint, & tequila, you really can’t go wrong. IT WAS SPLENDID.

Almost every recipe Chuck conjurs up is not only delicious, but also relatively easy for culinary laypersons such as myself to duplicate.

If you want to check out Chuck’s other recipes (for actual food), here’s the link to his site: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/best-summer-drink-and-cocktail-recipes/pictures/page-4.html Plus, Chuck is kinda cute (in a Canadian sort of way). AND he has a tattoo of lemon meringue pie on his arm, so he must be cool. Everybody likes pie. Just watch the show.


One comment on “Juice? As in, from an actual fruit?

  1. These sound awesome, and I agree with tequila, lemon and mint sounds like no room for error.

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