Northern Michigan Summers

Since childhood, I spent the end of every summer soaking up the wonders of Northern Michigan. I haven’t been there in forever, but this labor day weekend, I am making the 6 hour drive with my bf Jamie. We will miss our kitty cat (or at least I will), but hopefully she spends most of the weekend doing this:

We plan on visiting various wineries,

sampling delicious local cuisine, and spending 90% of our time on the many beaches Traverse City & Leelanau have to offer.

We’ll also be visiting the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and thanks to my cousin Kahlin, I’ve also become privy to this little gem:
THE VILLAGE CHEESE SHANTY in Leland’s fish town. Anything with cheese & shanty in the name is just my speed! I can’t wait to try it!


Love Short Stories? Check Out T.C. Boyle

Being a book-lover since childhood, I am always actively seeking out new genres and authors. I came across T.C. Boyle several years ago, in the form of “Drop City”:

“Drop City” is a tale chronicling what happens when a hippie commune meets the harsh Alaskan bush. After devouring that book, I looked for more titles by T.C. Boyle, and was presently surprised to discover that he was the author of many short story collections. I have read nearly all of them, but my favorites are these:

T.C. Boyle’s stories are stimulating, original, and seriously avante-garde. To say his stories are entertaining is a vicious understatement of the pleasure one can derive from these readings.

So, if you like reading, or are looking to take baby-steps into the reading-for-pleasure realm, T.C. Boyle’s titles offer something to please everyone -all in an easily digestible amount of pages.

Plus, he’s kinda bad-ass looking.

Here is a link to his website should you want to search for other books by T.C. Boyle (there are many)!:

Happy reading!

***I am currently reading “Wild Child” – I will let you know how it is once I’m done, but so far it’s amazing!

The best thing on TV: Geoffrey Baer Tours

The WTTW website describes him as “wildly popular”, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with Geoffrey Baer, he is this guy:

He’s awesome, I know. Still not ringing a bell? Well, he is the face of the Geoffrey Baer specials on WTTW/PBS. He hosts a series of video tours of Chicago which are both entertaining and enlightening. In each video he travels through different regions, giving interesting tidbits of historical and current information along the way. If you haven’t seen one of these yet, I would highly suggest checking one out. Although I love the entire series, here are my top 3 (with links to the videos):

The Fox River Valley/Chain o’ Lakes:
(video not available on WTTW – check your local listing for upcoming showtimes and prepare your DVR!)

South of Chicago:

Chicago’s North Shore: