Bike Trails are Tight

Although I have been riding bicycles since I was a kid, my experience was mostly limited to riding down the street to Ace Hardware and buying stale candy. However, over the past few years I have gotten really into riding my bike for both exercise and recreation. I usually frequent Waterfall Glen, a trail that is part of the forest preserve district of Dupage County. I usually go on this trail with friends or my boyfriend, but it’s a pretty safe area and I go on solo rides during the day occasionally…but not at night – it’s too scary! This is a great trail to check out if you never have before, but be warned: it has a tendency to be crowded on nice days.
This trail is approximately 9.8 miles of crushed limestone trail, offering a wide variety in scenery along the way.

Another notable trail runs along the I&M canal (Illinois & Michigan), which is a 96 mile man-made shipping canal that runs from Bridgeport to Lasalle-Peru. It also runs parallel to the DesPlaines River and the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, with several shorter offshoot trails along the way. Although this is a less strenuous trail, it makes up for it by being LONGGG and having a rich history. There are many historic “ruins” along the way, relics of old trainstops on the rail line that runs along side the DesPlaines River. There are so many different legs of this trail, just remember: However far you ride…you have to ride that many miles back to your car – so don’t wear yourself out. It’s also advisable not to ride alone on this trail as it sometimes goes through some isolated and sketchy industrial areas. Here are the towns it runs through along the way:

Bridgeport (Chicago neighborhood)
Willow Springs

If anyone knows of any other good bikes trails (in any state) Let me know, I’m always interested in hearing about new places to ride!


The best thing on TV: Geoffrey Baer Tours

The WTTW website describes him as “wildly popular”, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with Geoffrey Baer, he is this guy:

He’s awesome, I know. Still not ringing a bell? Well, he is the face of the Geoffrey Baer specials on WTTW/PBS. He hosts a series of video tours of Chicago which are both entertaining and enlightening. In each video he travels through different regions, giving interesting tidbits of historical and current information along the way. If you haven’t seen one of these yet, I would highly suggest checking one out. Although I love the entire series, here are my top 3 (with links to the videos):

The Fox River Valley/Chain o’ Lakes:
(video not available on WTTW – check your local listing for upcoming showtimes and prepare your DVR!)

South of Chicago:

Chicago’s North Shore: