Farmers’ Markets are the Cat’s Meow

After paying outrageous prices shopping for produce at my local grocery store, I would return home only to find that my newly purchased avocados, onions, and tomatos, were all raunchtastic! So, not only was I getting gouged on these little buggers, but I, like many other people, are getting crap food in return. So, when Summer rolls around in my town, I rush myself to the farmers’ market the very first day it opens.

Farmers’ markets are awesome for the following reasons: they support local farmers, their food actually looks like it was grown in the dirt somewhere, and – I know this is totally cheese – but they’re just so darn quaint.

The farmers’ market near my house is open every saturday beginning in May, and usually goes until mid October. Not only do they offer fresh fruits & veggies, but they also usually have homemade cheeses, baked goods, and farmer-made sausages (which are amazing – no fillers), crafts, and sometimes even a made-to-order donut stand.

Another plus about farmers’ markets? You can only buy what you can carry back home with you. No shopping carts here – so you only buy what you will eat, and no produce/money goes to waste.

So, next time you need groveries, don’t run to the grocery store….check your city website to find famers’ markets near you!!

***My title is a double entrende because….I am now the parent of a little baby kitten! She is the cutest, most loving littel fluffball you ever did see. Meet Spike!:

Well, she’s sleeping right now, but I’ll post more pictures later!
Have a lovely day!