Food Trucks, Food Trucks, Everywhere!

Well, food vans.

I love food as much as – or possibly more than – the average person, so when I discovered that there are tamale-wielding, cupcake-slangin’, meatball-dealing vehicles roaming around the streets of Chicago, I got a lil bit excited.

At first I was only privy to the (now beloved) Flirty Cupcakes mobile – which is phenomenal. My favorite cupcake is the “Curious George” in case you wanted to know. Next, after seeking out other food truck ventures on the internet, I discovered a whole heap of wheeled options. There is an empanada truck, a vegetarian truck, even a gourmet truck! Oh, and I almost forgot…A MAC AND CHEESE TRUCK. yeah. I know. I was happy too.

These delicious trucks make stops all throughout the city during lunch time. You can find out the weekly schedule and whereabouts by following their pages on facebook, on twitter, and probably 3 or 4 other social media sites.

Here is a link (compiled by to most of their twitter feeds:

Bon Apetit!

Have you had any of this mobile fare? If so…how was it?!