Love Short Stories? Check Out T.C. Boyle

Being a book-lover since childhood, I am always actively seeking out new genres and authors. I came across T.C. Boyle several years ago, in the form of “Drop City”:

“Drop City” is a tale chronicling what happens when a hippie commune meets the harsh Alaskan bush. After devouring that book, I looked for more titles by T.C. Boyle, and was presently surprised to discover that he was the author of many short story collections. I have read nearly all of them, but my favorites are these:

T.C. Boyle’s stories are stimulating, original, and seriously avante-garde. To say his stories are entertaining is a vicious understatement of the pleasure one can derive from these readings.

So, if you like reading, or are looking to take baby-steps into the reading-for-pleasure realm, T.C. Boyle’s titles offer something to please everyone -all in an easily digestible amount of pages.

Plus, he’s kinda bad-ass looking.

Here is a link to his website should you want to search for other books by T.C. Boyle (there are many)!:

Happy reading!

***I am currently reading “Wild Child” – I will let you know how it is once I’m done, but so far it’s amazing!